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10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Your wedding is a special opportunity to leave an indelible mark on all of your guests and demonstrate what makes both of you tick as people. Make this day truly memorable while at the same time reflecting you both positively.

Reward your guests with pleasant surprises throughout their experience by planning surprise entertainment during photographs or between meals and receptions.

1. Have a Grand Entrance or Exit

Tradition dictates that ceremony exits should be used as an opportunity to remember those unable to be there and express our respect for them. You can make your exit standout through throwing rice (which actually harms birds who eat it) or using confetti as ways of celebrating loved ones not present at your ceremony.

If you prefer more traditional grand entrances, have your wedding party entertain the audience as they enter to music with dance moves or choreographed performances. This can range from simple dancing steps to elaborate production numbers.

An engaging way to make an exit more memorable is having your guests throw sparklers as you leave, especially if your reception will take place in an intimate, dark venue. This gesture also offers the added bonus of providing older guests who may need assistance walking a far distance an opportunity for one last send off and paying tribute to loved ones who have passed on.

2. Have a Bouncy House

Not everyone may wish to jump in a bounce house at your wedding reception, but those that do can make for some amazing photos that stand out among your wedding album. Additionally, it provides children with entertainment while their parents take time out on the dance floor.

Add something extra memorable and unforgettable to your wedding by decorating it with flowers, balloons and signage to give it that wow factor! Your guests will surely remember and share this experience for years.

Please remember that alcohol-fuelled events can be uncomfortable; consider setting them up earlier or post-dinner to give people enough time to chat and catch up before proceeding to dancing. This allows everyone time to recharge before starting all over again!

3. Grow Your Own Flowers

Floral arrangements make up a large portion of wedding expenses and growing them yourself can add an incredibly personal touch to the big day. Although it takes experience and courage, gardening adds another level of specialization that no other addition can match.

Try selecting flowers in season that reflect your colour theme; tulips and daisies make great choices, particularly for spring or summer weddings, while zinnias come in many shades from salmon hues to raspberry and lime, along with pinks and fuchsias – ideal choices if planning a spring or summer event!

Utilizing herbs as fillers adds an air of garden flair to hand-held bouquets, wreaths, and table arrangements. Nasturtiums make an excellent filler because of their range of vibrantly colored blooms ranging from salmon hues through buttery yellows and creamy whites – plus their distinctive stripes and spots on foliage!

4. Have a Candlelit Walkway

Provide guests with an unforgettable seating experience to set the stage for your evening event. Use creative chair arrangements, benches, hay bales or picnic blankets to set an unforgettable scene for them.

Candles add a romantic glow to any decor, and large arrangements look especially gorgeous. To enhance a nighttime ceremony or outdoor reception, line your aisles with them – as Love & Splendor did here!

Keep your guests energized throughout the evening with interactive activities! Create memorable keepsakes of this big day through photo booth props such as 4-leaf clover props or even signs for best dancer/couple and hashtags to remember this memorable event – this way they’ll leave with smiles on their faces and talking about it for years afterward!

5. Use Books as a Centrepiece

Are you and your partner avid readers? A book-themed centrepiece can be an awesome way to incorporate that love of literature into your wedding reception! Dress stacks of books up with flowers, candles, or even moss for a truly personalized tablescape look.

Use book pages as the perfect background for your photos, or as place cards for your guests. Their beautiful paper flowers make an eye-catching accent on any table! Alternatively, have your stationery designer custom make book jacket-style place cards just for your event!

If you’re going for a woodland or vintage theme wedding, try stacking books with pinecones, acorns, lanterns, and moss as centerpieces. Or add modernity with a cloche featuring greenery arrangement or florals; for added literary flair use quotes from one or more novels as place card designs!

6. Have a Firework Send-Off

An extravagant fireworks send-off together with this champagne wedding hack will impress your guests and provide incredible photos. Just be sure to consult with your venue in advance, and hire professionals familiar with its layout.

Budget-minded bridesmaids and ushers could give out sparklers as you exit through the door, providing guests with an inexpensive yet simple way to capture group shots without having to pose individually. This could also help get group photos without having to pose everyone separately!

Are your guests feeling overstimulated at your reception? Why not switch it up by having them toss rose petals, lavender buds, olive leaves or eucalyptus instead of traditional confetti or release biodegradable balloons to say farewell to you and your new spouse. For an exciting and heartfelt send off you could also use streamer cannons; sure to leave everyone smiling as they exit!

7. Have a Photo Booth

Photo booths can add a memorable element to any wedding, while providing guests with something fun to remember the occasion by. Plus, guests will leave with an excellent keepsake to remember your big day by.

Props such as oversized glasses or Facebook “like” signs may help people bring out their silly sides in photos that will later provide great memories and make you laugh at how everyone has changed! You will love looking through them later to remember just how much each has changed!

Another idea for creating a photo booth is using slate boards so guests can draw directly on them, giving a great way to record wishes or drawings from guests. You could also go for celestial backdrops like stars, twinkling lights or giant moons which can easily be bought online or created using MDF and paint – these projects make excellent photo opportunities!

8. Have a Toast

When planning your wedding, it is essential that it reflects you and your partner. While it can be easy to be inspired by ideas you see online or from other couples’ weddings, make decisions based on what makes each of you happy in everyday life.

If you love a certain movie, why not incorporate some aspects of it into your special day, such as having a popcorn stand. This could work well with music as well.

Why not incorporate the song that has special significance for both of you as your processional music? Doing this will allow your guests to feel connected to both of you!

9. Have a Surprise

Surprise entertainment at your wedding can make the event truly unforgettable, from dance instructors for cocktail hour cocktails or caricaturists for receptions – such as dance instructors and caricaturists who draw live sketches – to caricaturists who draw onsite caricatures of guests during receptions. Picking someone skilled and accomplished can truly bring it home!

Are You Planning an Unforgettable Wedding Day? Make it memorable by having guests sign something creative like a Jenga game, pinata or Polaroid camera as mementos of their day. Additionally, having an unique display of Escort cards will set apart your ceremony from others.

As part of your relationship, recognize key people with an unforgettable role by gifting them with a seat at the table decorated with their name and date. Not only will they appreciate this gesture but will be reminded of their impact every time they see that seat! Likewise, do this for other significant contributors in your story.

10. Have a Dance Party

Dancing is something everyone enjoys, making the reception an unrivaled celebration. If you want your guests to have the best time possible at your dance party, there are numerous ways you can customize it accordingly.

If you hire a band, make sure they know how you plan to manage breaks during their performance. While some bands might opt for filler music that can become monotonous over time, you could also offer fun activities during those periods such as photo scavenger hunts (to capture images like 4-leaf clover flowers or photos of certain things like the best dancer or most handsome guy) or limbo competitions to keep people occupied during downtimes.

Make your dance party unforgettable by providing guests with various seating options. Offering chairs alongside couches and lounge furniture encourages conversation while offering energetic dancers somewhere to rest their legs while keeping nondancing guests captivated and engaged in conversation.

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