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For those involved in the field, tax is an extremely vast and complicated subject. Despite the inherent science and logic in the domain, there is surprisingly no right way to do things. It is not binary. Hence human discretion, vision and reasoning are very much crucial.

Since you can never know too much about tax and how you can be aware of policies as a citizen, we have published some online resources here that provides transparency and knowledge to the wider public. As a citizen, this is your chance to be fully informed.

Bloomsbury tax online

If you have basic education or information on tax policies and tax structures, check out Bloomsbury tax online blog. They are the UK’s leading independent tax adviser and have a comprehensive blog that tackles most issues such as VAT, property, SME taxes, budget changes etc.

National archives

If you have a fascination of history or if you are one of those professionals that likes to analyze and compare along timelines, check out the UK national archives for historic tax regimes. This is one of the best sources for reading about hearth tax and how it was historic in its own regard.

Property tax adjusters

While this is a New York based company and blog writer, they provide numerous articles on property taxes and how they function. It is a great academic source. Being primarily a propertytax focused research body, we keep ourselves up to date with this one.

With many, many more resources, both in print and online, it is always better to keep yourselves informed, not just to manage daily tax matters but also to know how to adapt when a policy change arises.