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As a research and academic institute at the core of our operations, we are always on the lookout to expand our team of research analysts and content writers. We write about property, tax structuring, history, public policies etc. Our primary medium of information transfer to the public is through our free reports and blogs.

Our blog has tens of thousands of visitors and dozens of advertisers. We are a publicly funded institution and you will receive compensation. We are currently a team of 55 – mostly comprising tax professionals, corporate finance analysts, real estate professionals, accountants, public servants and students. We look for the following kind of people.


While we are not fixated on degrees or diplomas, they do help us assess your subject knowledge. If you are studying or specializing in tax, accounting, finance, real estate or public financial policies, contact us and we may have something for you.

Attention to detail

Research involves a lot of patience, persistence and diligence. Remember that we track back millenniums of tax policies and implementations across global empires. Beyond that, we focus on the comparison with modern Britain and how potential synergies can be achieved. This involves a painstaking attention to detail.

Continuous learner

Continuous learning is a skill that essential for any job. We are no exception. There are new ideas and examples coming out every day and you need to be constantly updated of policies and trends.

These are just some of the key criteria that we value. If you believe the aforementioned criteria match yours,  we are waiting to meet you. Send a resume and examples of projects / papers that you have worked on at info@hearthtaxresearch.org