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Hearth tax began as a public research body and was set up by the British conservative government in the 1990s. The intention of the body was to provide property tax policy recommendations to government by analyzing and researching previously successful policies such as the hearth tax.

Hearth tax was a tax structure that was present in Britain and Wales in the 1700s. It was introduced by the king Charles II in 1662 to monitor property related transactions and tax such transactions accordingly in a diligent and structured manner. It became prevalent in the Byzantine empire, United Kingdom, Ireland and France.

While it was discontinued later, inspirations still remain today. While our initial target was to borrow concepts from that tax structure to the tax policies of modern Britain, our scope has significantly increased since then. We look at the history of British counties and regions and how that has shaped their modern economic and tax policies.

Today we provide both recommendations to the government institutions and citizens in general. With our knowledge and data, we are able to address many queries that citizens have through public forums and even direct consulting. We remain committed to enhancing the welfare of the state through progressive and effective tax policies, both property taxes and otherwise.